(1) Even if you are not interested in politics, those of you who have the right to vote must vote.
※even if+S+V~ たとえSが~しても be interested in … …に興味がある right to vote 選挙で投票するための権利
(2) Some women quit their jobs when they get married, but nowadays more women continue to work until the retirement age.
※some women(複数)(S) ~(V) 女性の中には~する人もいる get married 結婚する continue to ~ ~し続ける
(3) Whether there are priority seats or not, I always give my seat to the elderly.
※whether+S+V~ or not Sが~してもしなくても
(4) Despite the widespread use of universal design, it is still difficult for disabled people to move around the city.
※despite … …にもかかわらず move around the city 街中をあちこち移動する
(5) Japan has been aging rapidly, but the number of nursing homes is not enough.
※age(自動詞) 高齢化する the number of+複数名詞(…) …の数