..2 ◆ B.E.21 POINT) ... 3 参 p.189 B.E.21 2* く. ...4 p. 190 (6) ? (read the book) makes me feel better. (play the guitar) 2 各組の文を意味の違いに注意して日本語で表しなさい . (1) (2) (@My mother doesn't like coming home late. ⑥ My mother doesn't like me coming home late. a Would you mind closing the door? ⑥ Would you mind me closing the door? 3各組の文がほぼ同じ意味を表すように()内に適語を入れなさい. I am sorry that I am late. am sorry for( ( am sorry that I told you a lie. I am sorry for( )( 2 232). ) you a lie.nt at he wa byp m) (199m01 >) captain of the team. (le) a mistake. Tom was proud that he was captain of the team. (1) ”ある. (2) 広いる. (3) いる. (4) The girl denied( ・・・5 9 .6 -7 3 Tom was proud ( The girl denied that she had made a mistake. (L)( 44 日本語に合うように( )内の語句を並べかえなさい. (斜体の動詞は適当な形に直すこと) (1) 寝る前に歯をみがきなさい. (before, your teeth, go, brush) (2) 私たちはプールで水泳を楽しんだ. (we, in, swim, enjoyed) (3) 弟は動物の絵を描くのがじょうずです. (draw, good, is, animals, at) My brother to bed. the pool. (1) (4) 私はロボットを作ることに興味をもっています. (make, in, interested, robots) I am ★ (5) 彼女はかんしゃくを起こしたことを恥じている. (lose, of, ashamed, her temper) way bludW blow S Goob She is 45