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Part 1: Speaking (Items 1-13) Part 1.1 Long conversation (Items 1 - 10) Directions: Choose the best answers to fill in the blanks. Dialogue 1 (Items 1 - 3) Situation: Jenny and Tina are friends. Jenny calls Tina and talks about her problem. Jenny: Are you busy this weekend? omda คุณมุ่งไหม wow? Tina: Not really......... .(1)............... Why? Jenny: I will have math test next Monday but I don't understand it at all. .(2)............... Tina: No worries. I can help you. I'm free on Sunday morning. You can come to my house and we can study together. ขอบใจน แล้วเจอกัน Jenny: ....... (3)................ Thanks. See you then. ฉันว่างเสมอ 11. I'm always free. 3. I have an interview with my teacher. 2 1. I'm so stressful. 3. You know I'm good at it. 3 1. You're the best! 3. I've got an idea! 2. I'm doing nothing. 4. I have been there twice. 2. It is disappointing. 4. I don't think it's frightening. 2. Same as me! 4. I know you can do it! ‒‒‒‒‒
Part 2: Writing (Items 14-31) Part 2.1: Text Completion (Items 14-29) เต็มค้าให้เหมา Directions: Choose the best answer to complete the passages Text 1 (Items 14 - 19) Hi Derek! How have you been? I was going to write you sooner, but I was busy ..(14).. for colleges, and I .....(15)........... of time. I am very excited to tell you that I'm going to Fleming College now. It wasn't't my first choice, but I can't. ..(16).........! Being at school is so satisfying, and I ...........(17)........... it so much! I've been here...........(18).......... three weeks. The people are incredible, and the curriculum is ...(19).......... I heard you're doing well! That's fantastic! Write me back! Cheers! Tom (14) (15) 6. 17 (18) (19) 1: applying 3. complaining 1. lost track 3. make a different 1. aim 3. success 1. has been reaching 3. has been considering 1. for 3. recently 1. fascinate 3. fascinates 2. making of 4. disappointing 2. seem 4. program 2. complain 4. achieve 2. have been enjoying 4. have been celebrating 2. since 4. lately 2. fascinated 4. fascinating
24.00 Part 2.2: Paragraph Organization (Items 30-31) Directions: Choose the best answer to rearrange the paragraph. 30 A: Help! Did you see what direction that the taxi went? B: My colleague forgot his suitcase inside! C: Now he has lost his luggage. D: We were talking when he drove the taxi off. 1. A-B-D-C 3. C-D-B-A 2. A-C-D-B 4. C-B-A-D 31. A: She knows she will have to work hard. B: Anita got very high grades in high school. C: Anita knows that going to university will be a big challenge. D: She's now happy because she just found out she's going to university. 1. D-A-B-C 3. B-C-A-B 2. D-B-A-C 4. B-D-C-A
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