中敵入のKNento が GrandAther と 自分の ー⑥に符えなさい。 @randfaUhen Did you enjoy HBnglhisl @amp 1 ento Jl Yes did、T vas Sunp ariumr 括をUaeVNZ還) n. で靖をしている。 次の英交は。その会話である。 in the StS the SUiWeek2 dthat St 3 全 hat students from other countries kuew 86 mueh about anes i Japanese anime。We became 二の by talting abouV became a bridge Deween us J に n once, Tove [or anime apanese an ne iS anazing。 I resDecb people who make it. @andfathen 。 Ne too、By the way。 what job do you want to have in the Rttut Nento je no decided bnt in my Rubre job WanU to help 6thers 四@andifathen LUhen how about going on atiD on thiS map? eS see jow people Work in the world. ドドento nA trip on this map? Gandfathen ll 則haUS right。 1magine welre birds now、 Letls start ou 1 tp! Gieble PookEere is Angentina Some children are enioymg asebaUUU hey have 8 eoach sent from Japan in 8 SUDport progtam. When they began baseball。 hey etting better skills iS important、 But thatiS not enough portant to work togethen in a 居3汗 中eir Coach thought in the Same Way。 He told the chden to thimk about other thought g Kenlo ItS also im @mandfather : Youne right. beoneasla還⑳当hey Roll6wedhis Words Today they can mernbers.
Fr apen。 He emm money th Jegfo pireP mp 1 っr the ponub、 be worjp a 紀 計 ee eer be of the month. br on mey ppe ro vitap wu HessyMe for morc ul 5 の yumig jk Hg bms oniinned ーー peoplc there by 4 his psi Grapdfarher Ho sayw be fecls bapPpy ben mura nuree mitb him spd help. ento ThatWs nioe- Grandfafjier 。 There全 another Jong SU oo be to sse the progan ca G WhnaUs the Green Coridor? 内5yOsoocaa eicntizxe tn uic 1 prort PrO5r sn Corridor Project Kenio Grandfather 。 ICs He a long geen go through ir Look carefuly。 Cap blowing trees。 Since then. thcy -bridge* bctecn balforests。 Chirnpanz ome and tbermn? About Leenl you see scientists began making tbe ted to protect chimpanzees ljving in tbe foreStS. Kento Why is the corridor necesSary, for chimpsnzecs? Grandfather 。 Afany trees were cut down to make elds Then the orests were d to vgjinlalismall forest only with their Family. Th。 ミ the chimpanzees ha chimpanzess in other forests. They | E to move and (hen make a new farnily Kento 。 What do the ocal people tbink about this project? Grandfatjer : Today some of them know its as onderful project tor all 1 Guinea and help the project。 Well、we have visited three countnes. Did sa enjoy our trip?. Kento : It was very usehul for me because I havea| 3 Grandfafther 。 Tremember you said sq before our trip。 There are many ways to h、 work hard for someone that wil imHuence others and they will hel small support js good because it can be bigger、 Kenfo jeb, 1 for my future jab, I則 experience a lot of things and meet many people jand of trjp was very citing。 It was nice to be sa hird. 1 looked new wa I want to travel with You again soon at things (計ami ニ imagi Anime アニメ imagine 一 と筆優する Argentina アルゼンチン (国名 Ne コー si 投術 Vietmam ベトナム (国名) Guinea ギニア (国名) (GUTG =
軸山県(一般入党者 ジェクト (プロジェクト名) Grestl Ft cuの過去分飼形 。 Rald 各 viuaー Gen orrldor Project 引ら回画フロ chiinpapeo ナンバンジー 地元の 適当々 5 当なのは, アーエのう ちではどれですか。 っ答をださい: ( ham GTS ウ carpenters エ Sundents に3 太に通して入れるのに、追当な瑞人 を秋きをきい。(。。 ) の怖①⑪当、号に でそれでれ適当な日本了を入れて. 下線部う)の具体的内容を説明じなMs ) ) 本き とと, 日本で(3) | を使ってベトナム回内の人人々の冶拓をることを月 | 隔3着に入る英語の細み合わせとして最も適当なのは。 アニエのうちではどれ記表 =つ谷えなさい。( ) 7 meet ⑬ lose イ。 ) study 3) lose ウ study 8 need 還に) meet 5 need あなたがTKento になったつゃやりで に5 語以上の英語を書きなさい ( い。( ) Argentina has a SuDDort DFOgram to send 草間here is 8 Japanese doctor who built some hospitals with me Green Oorridor Project has continued or about twyenty years in (Guinea. Kento's grandfather {hinks Kento must join a big project to protect animals. will go on the next trip with his grandfather soon. abaseball coach to Japan. his patients in Vietnaun. Kento hopes that he


team(チーム) だと思います。

It's also important to work together in a team.

He told the children to be one as a team



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