Ⅲ 次の会話文の空所 1つ選べ。(20点) 25 A woman is at a department store. 31 Sales Clerk: Hi there, how can I help you? Hisako: Hello, I bought this outfit a couple of weeks ago but I found this hole the other day before I put it on. Sales Clerk: I see. Have you brought a receipt with you? Hisako: I can't find it anywhere, I've looked all over the house, in my bag, everywhere, but I can't find it. 25 Sales Clerk: Yes, if your item was damaged when you bought it. Hisako: Look, the tags are still on it. I haven't worn it at all. Sales Clerk: I see. Let me check. 26 Hisako: That's too bad. The outfit is really nice. Sales Clerk: There's nothing scheduled. something else, or 27 25 26 28 Would that be alright for you? Will you get any more in soon? You can choose I can give you a coupon for now. We can give you a call when we get more of these. Hisako: That would be fine. Sales Clerk: Because you don't have the receipt, I'll need to take some details. Hisako: Sure, no problem. Sales Clerk: Could you write down your name, phone number and email address on this form for me? Hisako : 29 Sales Clerk: Either is fine. Anywhere we can contact you in the day time Hisako: OK, I'll write my mobile number down. Sales Clerk: Thanks. Here's your voucher. You can use it for almost anything in the store. 31 food, drinks and sale items. A~Dのうちから A So, here it is. B Finally, I found it here. C Is it possible to exchange it without the receipt? D What is the store policy in this case? A When did you wear it? B We have a replacement outfit available for you. C Let me bring a new one for you now. D I'm afraid we don't have any more in that size. 30


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I'm afraid we don't have any more in that size.