2 次の各問に答えよ。 ( 印の付いている単語・語句には、本文のあとに 〔注〕 がある。) 1 高校生の Hiroto と, Hiroto の家にホームステイしているアメリカからの留学生の Mike は、 夏休 (A) の中に、それぞれ入る語句の 及び (B) みのある土曜日の予定について話をしている。 組み合わせとして正しいものは、下のア~エのうちではどれか。 ただし、下のIは,二人が見ている。 東京都内のある地域を紹介したパンフレットの一部である。 Hiroto: Look at this. There are I four areas here. My father says we can visit three of them on our one-day trip in Tokyo. There is a *shuttle bus service to and from the station. Which areas do you want to visit, Mike? Mike: I want to enjoy beautiful views of nature. Hiroto: I see. How about visiting p Forest Area Mountain Area Onsen Area Park Area Things You Can Do - Visiting old buildings Enjoying beautiful views of nature from the buildings Walking across a long bridge Feeling cool wind from *valleys 7 (A) Forest Area (B) Onsen Area (A) Forest Area (B) Mountain Area Enjoying famous onsen Eating delicious local food Watching birds and animals in the park Seeing beautiful views of nature from the park 〔注〕 shuttle bus 往復バス mind valley More Information There are two buses every hour. The buildings are in beautiful forests. To get to the bridge from the nearest bus stop takes about one hour. This area is near the station. You can walk to it. the (A) ? We can go there by bus. Mike: That's nice. I like watching birds and walking in places that are rich in nature. I don't mind going up and down a lot of stairs. Let's go there. Hiroto: Yes, let's. Where shall we visit next? Mike: Both the Mountain Area and the Onsen Area look good to me. I would also like to enjoy local food. Hiroto: Well, that sounds nice. Which of the two shall we visit first? Mike: Shall we visit the (B) first? If we do that, we can enjoy hot springs at the end of our one-day trip. Hiroto: That's a good idea. Let's do that. Mike: Thank you. I'm looking forward to having a good time. Hiroto: Me, too. I'll tell my father about our plan. There are six buses every hour. The park has a lot of stairs. (A) Park Area (B) Onsen Area I (A) Park Area (B) Mountain Area