acher solved to recall. ton certain. his wife. ted by da the d 五、綜合測驗:10% > 大量的維修 Lesson 3 In 1822-1823, Lin Chi-neng built a beautiful home in Taipei/He named the Lin An Tai, taking "An" from Anxi, his father's hometown, and "Tai" from his company's and it was 2. name. One hundred and fifty-five years later, the Lin family no longer lived in the house, and city planners decided the house should be torn down. considerable repairs. It was a time a A number of scholars wanted to save the house a 6. 3. the city was expanding, 4. being destroyed They started to persuade the authorities not to tear it down. Thanks to their efforts, there was project to relocate* the house. At first, they didn't know they chose a park beside the Keelung River in Zhongshan District. 7., but eventually 8. it took the city twenty-two years to move the house piece by piece and then rebuild it at the new location 9. It was crucial that they exactly the same way. mak After being moved, the home was transformed to the public in 2000. where every piece was so that they could rebuild the house won ji 919rw of aistom nosinsvar ond saundidgil 10. bovora ya a museum which was open Juods adid Oday, it is considered the best-maintained example of a traditional Of D980 19gnor off al 92090 building in Taipei. DINO (99 уBM Jasoo ayos adi no hembral inshoq me aniamen 註:expand 擴張 relocate 搬遷 VEDOI bns 29rvont be awoda VT 2009 ni boutest mosd and af A) 1.(A) residence 2. (A) at risk of 3. (A) where (D) 4. (A) against (5. (A) glimpse (B) mission (C) progress 需要 of (B) in a bad (B) which (B) upon (C) at the cost of f .01 (D) transportation xel (D) in honor of (C) when (D) what (C) under (D) from (B) conclusion (C) replacement (D) campaign (B) led-government (A) (B) where they should put it woH (8) zoq ai i 6. (A) leading-government uaisi tot asw gribi (D) government-leading (C) government-led 7.(A) should they put it where ne wan badi (C) where should they put it AB 8. (A) All in all (D) they should put it where 329) 畢竟 (B) After all iga (C) In the meantimed bus alihs ((D) Once upon a time 9.(A) recorded to give the carefully tak (B) record 2 BA was (C) were recording C10. 10. (A) by ld a dived (B) from (D) have recorded (C) into wen sit bre 162 Ji 15A (C) ced the 80 to the 課 is still displayed today Karl fanx Your (D) with ohioriigil all griauty thudiar book that S+ (should) + AU. bis adj it is to you gone to see od sol Molur *leinoloo sang 1970 loquos