請問有live abc 10月份的英文雜誌解答嗎?謝謝

Weekly Review Test Live Week 2 (Units 4-6) Class:bir hasardn piris co No.: Name: 第一部分:聽力測驗 一、看圖辨義 (Q1: 7%, Q2: 12%) ( ) 1. (A) veel b1 best on (B) (C) ( )( ) 2. NAME Laerdal WestConnex Yamate Tunnel Zhongnanshan Tunnel Jinpingshan Tunnel St. Gotthard (SI) prane ar (D) SEIT (8) LOCATION Norway Australia Japan China China 2015-he Switzerland LENGTH YEAR 2000 2023 2015 2007 24.5 KM 22 KM 18.2 KM 18 KM 17.5 KM 17 KM 二、對答(27%) ( ) 3. (A) Good! You will make more money. (B) You should. You're working hard. ( ) 7. (A) They have lots of soda. 2011 (C) Wow! You must really enjoy working. (D) Cool! I want to work in a new office 三、簡短對話(27%) ) 6. (A) She needs to get a new phone. M 1980 too. ( ) 4. (A) Sure. We can grab a few beers. (B) Which movie do you have in mind? (C) No. I hate doing exercise. (D) OK. We can study together. ( ) 5. (A) Yes. The killer was caught right away. (B) No. No one survived the accident. (C) Really? What's so funny about it? (D) Right. The police don't have any clues. (B) She wants a job at a convenience store. (C) She doesn't have money to pay her bill. (D) She can trust the man to do things. (B) They need 300 more cans of soda. (C) She forgot to buy soda. (D) Not everyone at the party will get a can of soda. 2023 年 10 月號 10/09-10/13 Advanced Level () 8. (A) He looked sick today. (B) He talked too much today. (C) He didn't act like himself today. (D) He was nice to the woman today. 四、長篇聽解(27%) Facts about Sir William Wallace ➤ He was a heroic figure in Scotland in the century. ➤ He led the Scottish resistance against English ➤ His determination and Live A2-1 inspired his people to fight. ➤ He was by the English. ( ) 9. (A) Life in Scotland during the 13th century. (B) The Wars of Scottish Independence. (C) A Scottish hero. (D) The Battle of Stirling Bridge. ( ) 10. (A) Inspiring. (B) Determined. (D) Creative. (C) Brave. ( ) 11. (A) He was sick and died after one of his battles. (B) He was captured by fellow Scots. (C) He was made into a hero in England. (D) He was killed by the English. 第二部分:閱讀理解能力測驗 一、詞彙(28%) ( ) 1. Without his parents' full support, Tim's business has been forced to be down. (A) relied (C) punched (B) scaled (D) assumed () 2. Unable to find a steady job, Jay can only work part time and is thus financially (A) normal (C) magical ( )3. The newly-built (B) capable (D) unstable serves as a parking garage that can provide enough space for hundreds of cars. and killed (A) structure (C) tunnel ( ) 4. The employee properly (A) stealing (B) crowning (C) performing (D) threatening the players believe that they can win any game together. (A) lung (C) detail (B) mystery (D) flock ( ) 5. With a strong team was punished for not the task he was given. () 6. Luckily, the accident was fully bab(A) sliced (C) stuffed (B) spirit (D) plenty on my car camera, and the video proved that I was not responsible for it. (B) paused (D) captured