想請問第24.題,為什麼rather than不用接動名詞replacing,謝謝!

b ✓ D 第21.至25.題為題組 power reality, autonomous vehicles and networked robots. Besides, it will also promise- We are now on the threshold of a new era of 5G networks. 5G will 自动的 procedures, safer transportation and more immersive gaming experiences. Faster speeds, fastes the three changes 5G is all about. 21. connections and faster access to the cloud are Up to 100 times faster than 4G, 5G will provide a speedier connection to the phone. Plus, service and allow more devices to connect to the netw 22. extra bandwidth will ensure a more at the same time. However, 5G's super-high-frequency airwaves can't travel through walls rooftops, and they become weaker over long distances. As a result, numerous miniature cell to inside and outside the buildings for better efficiency. Also, while 5G might pre must be 23. a speed boost in buildings and crowded areas, 4G will still be in use to cover wider areas i 24. replace 4G directly. meantime. In other words, 5G will work with 4G at first In spite of its limits, the 5G network can function as á cloud server and help self-drivir 25. of an eye. It to process all the needed information to make critical decisions in the 22. (A) innocent 23. (A) installed 24. (A) other than smart believed that 5G can help improve telemedicine and robotic surgeries and thus provide better services. Hopefully, 5G technology can bring human civilization a great leap forward. 21. (A) scarcely 几乎不 I Scarrely thin leisurely (B) reliable (B) related (B) in order to (B) clap 25. (A) drip 第26.至30.題為題組 cities, (C) appropriately (C) pessimistic (C) violated (rather than (C) brick new surgic (D) essentially (D) criminal (D) threatened Dwith a view (D) blink Eating as many fruits and vegetables as you can is thought to be for good health. B the fruits or veggies on your shopping list are not in season or will be eaten much later in Frozen veggies would be a good alternative. But with many myths 26. around today d frozen foods, people often perceive frozen veggies as less healthy. In fact, most researc- that frozen vegetables are just as nutritious, if not more nutritious as their fresh counterpa


✨ ベストアンサー ✨

rather than 有兩種詞性
rather than 經常用於比較,表示「是…而不是…」,用來突顯兩者中其中一個的重要性,因此結構上前後所接的詞性需要✨️對等
->5G will work (原形) with 4G at first rather than replace(原形) 4G directly .

此時 rather than 的意思是「而不是…」,沒有結構需要對稱的問題,因此作用等同於 instead of,後面可以接名詞和動名詞。
->在這個句子中 rather than 後面接 replacing 也是符合文法的