1. The author's writing style is known for its _______ and nuanced language.
(A) eloquence
(B) brevity
(C) verbosity
(D) coherence

2. The young pianist displayed incredible _______ as he flawlessly performed the complex composition.
(A) dexterity
(B) lethargy
(C) ambiguity
(D) mediocrity

3. The detective carefully examined the _______ left at the crime scene to gather clues.
(A) alibi
(B) incrimination
(C) testament
(D) debris

4. The ancient artifact was meticulously restored to its original _______.
(A) grandeur
(B) antiquity
(C) desolation
(D) obsolescence

5. The lawyer's argument was based on a _______ interpretation of the constitution.
(A) stringent
(B) lenient
(C) literal
(D) subjective

6. The mountaineers faced treacherous _______ as they climbed the steep peak.
(A) precipices
(B) meadows
(C) valleys
(D) plateaus

7. The scientist conducted a series of _______ experiments to test the new hypothesis.
(A) empirical
(B) hypothetical
(C) theoretical
(D) anecdotal

8. The surgeon used a _______ technique to remove the tumor from the patient's brain.
(A) conventional
(B) innovative
(C) rudimentary
(D) obsolete

9. The museum houses a _______ collection of artwork from various periods in history.
(A) paltry
(B) formidable
(C) meager
(D) negligible

10. The orchestra delivered a _______ performance of the symphony, captivating the audience.
(A) lackluster
(B) mesmerizing
(C) mediocre
(D) banal