III. 綜合測驗:20% from the brothiquobis juoda sun ei gniwollot od to doid W It was a beautiful summer day in Barcelona. My dad and I had just sat down in the stands w the gun 16. off. The man in front of us said it was the 400m semifinal. "Keep an eye on the runner in lane five," said the guy next to him. "He's one of the fastest 400m athletes in the world." H (3) 17. a second or two, our eyes were resting on that runner. It certainly looked like he had a good chance 18. among the top three. He was a picture of strength and speed, and he seemed to be slightly in front of the others. "They're going to have to 19. to beat him," I thought to myself.750 (A) 20.___, disaster struck. The runner in lane five, who had down. He was holding his leg and was clearly 21. with great success, started to slow 22. ground. However, he somehow got to his feet and tried to continue. It felt like everything was happening in Eventually, he stopped completely and 23. to the od 01 slow motion. () 20. (A) Fortunately (A) 21. (A) taken off (C) 22. (A) in detail (3) 23. (A) realized A ) 24. (A) supporting ) 25. (A) to lose him. Despite 25. Moments later, his father was by his side, 24. the runner kept going and finished the race with his father's help. As they crossed the finish line together, all hope of winning the race, Dad's hand was firmly in mine. A) 16. (A) gone (C) 17. (A) Across () 18. (A) by finishing A3) 19. (A) struggle (B) went (B) Under (B) to be finished told • 21(B) cheer 19mmu? (B) Suddenly come across (C) goes (C) Within (C) that finished (C) admire dire (C) Similarly (C) gone through s when we heard (B) come a (B) in fact od etab.is (C) in pain set ni (B) collapsed now sissCrushedisqe bra (B) supported (C) (C) supports (B) lose (C) losing (D) go (D) From (D) of finishing (D) support (D) Firstly (D) passed away (D) VISO COME mes it oil) in case vio Jedi u replied diod isdi (D) support bois (D) lost auguA-TS vlul


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16. 考感官動詞,口訣:3看2聽1感覺1注意 see, watch, look at /hear, listen to /feel, notice 後面加vr/ving
I saw a girl sing/singing happily at the park yesterday.
19. 考單字 struggle to 的意思是,力爭、努力去做...的意思,題目應該可以理解為:他們將必須努力去擊敗他
24.考分詞構句 原句his father was by his side and support him
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