y contributor to airline waste. Thus, wasted airline food poses quite a serious environmental REVIS problem. 因比cadv) Considering that most airline customers expect to be 3. food during flights, some airlines 秋水 are making an effort to provide food but produce less waste. For example, the airline EasyJet recently introduced "smart" meal plans 4. their in-flight 21 (adv) services. EasyJet used to waste as 5. as 800,000 food items per year. With this 6. plan, the airline could plan meals based on data regarding how consumers' needs are influenced by different causes, JJCM). TACH) *I prep Zipocho flight duration and time of day. The airline has (D used such data the most suitable meals for individual flights. As a result, more food will be eaten 8. flights and less will be wasted. ( 7. caris med 因此 Wasted food remains a major part of why air travel will likely be causing 2 environmental damage for many years. For millions worldwide, food is 9. parents are forced to send their children out to work. 10. 被迫的(0) food policies. Doing so could lead to less waste and a more even distribution* of food SEXE ( throughout the world. duration distribution 1. (A) that () 2. (A) If (A) 3. (A) served (C) 4. (A) in (C) 5. (A) long (A) 6. (A) such as (7) 7.(A) determining apibromo (C) determined (8. (A) around (A) 9. (A) so 10.(A) Suddenly be (B) it scarce that 稀缺(9). airlines must change their (C) what (C) Though (B) Because (B) supported (C) surrounded (B) atas lens (C) to nised upy (D) with (B) often Inst(C) many (adv) (D) much (B) except for (D) instead of DDDDY pai (C) more than (B) to determine odt to (B) among (B) very and (C) too (B) Similarly dai (C) Immediately (D) whichQLA (D) Once M (H) (D) sponsored ( (D) by determining (C) between word wuy big (D) during (D) much ou (D) Therefore
高中 英文 克漏字


✨ ベストアンサー ✨

5.as.... as 跟...一樣.... 中間要放much 還是many 要看修飾的是誰(意思就是跟什麼一樣多,那那樣東西可不可數,題目說:800,000 food items, 重點是那個items 是可數名詞,所以要用many
10. 考轉折詞的運用,前面提到
“食物短缺,父母送小孩去工作” 後面又提到“Doing so (這樣做)會少一點浪費.....”
所以:由於食物短缺,「因此」airline "must(必須)"改變政策....
考轉折詞有點像是再考上下文 所以要看上下文的關聯性
題外話:我看到你的求救了 還特地追蹤我😂 我會盡量幫你解答~~~



which 可以代替逗號前面整個子句:IATA 發佈了航線的浪費(這一整件事情)揭示了.....
what 是複合關係代名詞
what =the things that /the thing which 中文比較清楚的中文是「...的東西」
e.g. I don't know what you're talking about. 我不知道你正在說的東西(白話:我不懂你在說什麼(那個“什麼”就是what ))
e.g. What he said is true.
所以what 不適合放在這邊