11:26 88% 閲覧のみです。 トライアルを開始して編集する。 STEP|1 Q1 )内から適切な語を選びなさい。 次の( F113 (1) I know a student ( who/which ) can play the piano well. Cor F114 (2) This is the bag ( whom/which ) I bought yesterday. F115 (3) I saw aman ( whose/whom ) wallet had been stolen. (4) I know the boy and the dog ( that/who ) are running in the park. F116 F117 (5) That is the house in (which/that ) a famous actor lives. F119 (6) I watcheda movie, ( which/what) I thought interesting. F121 (7) This is the apartment ( where/which )I lived 5 years ago. (8) There are some situations ( which/where ) we have to tell a lie. F121 F123 (9) This is the reason ( why/what ) I like dogs. 22 次の2文を that 以外の関係詞を使って1文にしなさい。 F113 (1) This is a book. It makes us happy. (2) The man was kind. F114 I met him in the park. (3) Ill lend you the comic book. I read it yesterday. F114 (4) I know the girl. F115 Her father is a doctor. (5) This is the man. F117 I traveled with him. (6) Do you remember the house? You were born there. F121 (7) Tim stayed here untill nine. My parents came back then. F 125 1/3。 レー-AュL=- 諏訪住宅公園 週末は諏訪住宅公園へ。あなたのモデルハウスを ×見学してお家づくりをサポート 開く **ャ .… ………………ャ… … O O O