Stop to 止ま~する stoping ~するのをやめる remembering ~したことを覚えている remember to これから)~するのを覚えている 不詞は不 動名詞は過去 15 動名詞 [A 次の各文の( )内から最も適切なものを一つ選びなさい. (1) Bill finished (7. write. writes. to write 1. writing) his letter. (2) Stop (7. talk 1. talked to me. (3) I hope to see 1. see 7. seeing again. (4) I am looking forward to (7. see talking to talk) and listen 1. to be seen) you . be seen . seeing 1. to see) you. (5) He decided ((7. going to go .go 1. be going) abroad. 30m B 次の各文の( )内の語を正しい形に直しなさい. (1) She gave up Smoking (smoke) — Tek Etenta (2) You need cutting your hair. (cut) (3) He was thinking of building a weather station on the top of the highest mountain in Japan. (build) (4) Please remember to this letter. (mail) (5) Do you mind opening the window? (open) Yes, I do mind C次の各組の文 (a)(b)がほぼ同じ意味になるように( )内に適語を 入れなさい (1) (a) We listened to the music. We enjoyed it very much. (b) We enjoyed (listening to the music very much. (2) (a) He drives a bus. It is his work. (b) riva bus is his work. 動名詞 目的語
(3) (a) She likes to ski. 違い何? (4) (a) He swam in the sea after lunch. (b) He had lunch before in the sea. (5) (a) She left home. She didn't say anything to me. (b) She left home without anything to me. ① 次の各文が日本文の意味を表すように( )内に適語を入れなさ い。 (1) 彼は笑わずにいられなかった. He couldn't help (Smailing (2) 今朝、雨がやみました。 It stopped (aining) this morning. (3) 私の祖母は料理を作るのが上手です. My grandmother is good at Coding). 月日 E 次の各文が意味の通る英文になるように( )内の語を並べかえ なさい. (1) We (television, games, enjoy, baseball, on, watching) on Saturday. (2) He (playing, at, good, is, very) baseball. Can not asmen enjoy watching baseball games on television is very good playing at (3) (most, watching TV, interesting, the, is) of all. 31 The TV is most interesting watching (4) (about, family, I, in, interested, reading, was, your) and your school life. I was interested reading about your family in


C(3)skiing(4)swimming ※両方ともスペルミス
E(2)is very good at playing(3)Watching TV is the most interesting(4)I was interested in reading about your family