I especially like Japanese anime and manga. They are very colorfal and exciting. Many people all over the world love Japanese anime and manga. There are many kinds of anime and manga in the world, but I think Japanese anime and manga are special. There are three reasons. First, in Japan there are many anime and manga not only for children but also for adults. Second, their pictures are beautiful and delicate. Third, their stories are very interesting. For example, we can enjoy history, comedy, friendship, sportsmanship, battles, and so on. What kind of anime and manga do you like? I like Princess Mononoke the best. My younger sister Judy likes Spirited Away, and many poeple in the world love the Ghibri anime. I read Japanese manga every day when I was in the U.S. I like One Piece the best of all Japanese manga, so I choose Kumamoto to study Japanese. I heard that statues of One Piece characters such as Luffy are standing in Kumamoto. I want to visit all the statues during my stay in Kumamoto. Now I see many anime and read many manga in Japanese every day, so I can learn Japanese culture from them. Thanks to reading Japanese manga, I become able to speak Japanese little by little. And I like Japanese food, too. Japanese food is usually healthy and delicious, so many people in the U.S. eat it to lose weight. Sushi, soba, udon, and tofu are very popular there. I like most Japanese food, but of course I don't like a few things. For example, I don't like natto very much. I think natto is healthy but the smell is too strong for me. About a month ago, we had natto at school lunch. First I couldn't eat it, but 3 many of my Japanese freinds looked happy when they ate it, so I tried it. The smell was not good, but the taste was better than I thought. Now I eat natto at school lunch with my friends. I thought it was important to challenge everything たくさんの日本の友達は幸せそうに納豆を食 (1) 次のア~オの英文の中で、本文の内容と合わないものを2つ選び, 記号で答えなさい。 7 Ann likes Japanese anime, but she doesn't like Japanese manga. 1 Ann says the stories of Japanese anime and manga are very interesting. Ann's favorite Japanese anime is Spirited Away, I. Ann says Japanese food is healthy and delicious. P. 7 * Ann doesn't like natto very much but she can eat it at school lunch. (2) ①,③の英文を日本文にしなさい。 ただし③ではitの意味がわかるように具体的に書きなさい。 (3) ② の文を Japanese anime and manga を主語にして同じ意味になるように書きかえなさい。


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Japanese anime and manga loved many people all over the world.