5 次の英文は、あやさんとカナダ人のケイトさんとのEメールのやりとりです。これを読んで、問いに答えなさい。 【あやさんからのメール】 Hello, Kate. How are you? I'm happy because I can meet you soon. I'm studying English very ( ). I want to make my stay wonderful. My friend told me that she went to America last year and made many friends there. I think that is great. When I visit Canada, I would like to experience many things there. I would like to know, "How do young people live?" "What are young people interested in?" That will help me. So I have to visit many places. In Japan, I especially like visiting free markets. I like to go ( 3 ) at my favorite free market and buy old things. Can we visit a free market in Canada? Please write me soon. 【ケイトさんからのメール】 Hi, Aya. Thank you for your e-mail. You will come to Canada next Thursday. I can't wait to e use "flea" for the see you. In your e-mail, you said you wanted to go to a "free" market. But we use market's name. I heard that a long time ago people sold clothes and there were sometimes fleas in them. Oh, I have something important to say. Now when people sell things, they usually clean the things. So you don't (5) worry when you buy something. Why do you use "free" for the market's name? There are many people there, so you can We usually go to a flea market in the big park. ). Let's have a good time. See you soon. market (s) especially 特に (注) experience ~を経験する flea(s) 蚤 (のみ : 体長1mm以下~9mm程度の小さな虫) clothes
(7) 下線⑥の( に, 本文の流れに合うような英文を5語以上で書きなさい。 - 59 -


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➅のところにそこには沢山の人がいます。って書いてあり、あやのメールの最後にCan we〜〜ってかいてあるからcanの後は動詞の原型なので enjoy visiting free market in Canada.でいいのかな?違かったらすみません




訂正します。動名詞は過去についてだから不定詞の方がいいから enjoy to visit free market in Canadaの方がいいですね