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書きかえ≫いろいろな表現 139 次の文の下線部が答えの中心になる疑問文を作りなさい。 (1) It is five o'clock. (2) It's seven twenty in Paris. (3) It's one in the afternoon in London. (4) I come home about five. (5) We eat lunch at twelve twenty. 6) She gets up about six thirty. 7) Her school starts at eight forty. (8) That plane leaves at three o'clock. (9) It's Saturday today. (10) Today is Friday. It's October 10 today. 12 Tuesday comes before Wednesday. (13) December comes after November. 14 Tuesday is the third day of the week. (15) August is the eighth month of the year. * Paris : ¹) 英問英答≫ 時刻 曜日 日付をたずねる文と答え方 次の疑問文に 140 (1) Is it eight o'clock now? (IZV>) 2) Is it spring in your country now? (2) (3) What time is it? (4) (4) What time is it now? (1130) 回(5) What time is it? (ちょうど9時) (6) What time is it in Tokyo? (215) □(7) What time do you eat dinner? (7時ごろ) (8) What time does he go to bed? (10) (9) What time does the train leave? (830) 10) What day is it today? (H) 内の日本語に合う英語の語句を用いて答えなさい。 What's the date today? (12 A 3 H) 12) What day comes after Monday? (H) 3) What month comes before June? (5) 04) What is the first day of the week? (8) 5) What is the ninth month of the year? (9 A) いろいろな疑問文(1) 85