【注) developing…開発途上の successful………成功した rural………農村の product……生産物, 製品 leather……なめし革, 皮革 organic cotton…有機栽培の綿 benefit~… ~のためになる developed………先進の Ethiopia……エチオビア(国名) major…主要な sheep skin……羊皮 material………材料, 原料 sole………靴底 pay……賃金 motivation……意欲 community………地域 hire~……….. ~を雇う cycle……循環 空欄 B にあてはまる最も適切なものを, 次の中から1つずつ選び, A 問 それぞれ正しい形にかえて書きなさい。 (各3点) break lose find catch build look grow spend
「The other company was started by a Japanese woman. Once, she was a volunteer workor |unique designs, The shoes were also unique because of the materials of the shoe "soles, In aye local workers jobs with higher "pay, She plans to *hire more local workers in the future. ike sheep skin,, *organic cotton, and so oily The high quality shoes her company made had Ethiopia, there were a lot of old, wasted car tires, so her company decided to recycle them as the |soles for the shoes. Her business was successful and *benefited the local people. Her company 1learned about *developing cOuntries at school last-month Around three guanes Countries in the world ard seen as deyveloping countries and people in these countries Sometimey ont have enough food. or they don't have many chances to get a goodeducation. I knew ti many "developed countries have helped them by 0od and money. But, while I was studying I was surprised to learn that many companies are *successful in these developing countries and their businesses have become g0od support for the people there. 1 was very interested in the businesses that support people in difficult situations. I was especially interested in two of these comnpanies in "Ethiopia Ethiopia is famous for its long history and beautiful mountains. About 100 milion people ive there, and most of them live in *rural areas. The lives of many people in Ethiopia wwere once very hard, but over the past few years, they have greatly improved. One of the *major *products in Ethiopia is coffee. Ethiopian coffee is loved bya lot of people all over the world. Another major product is "sheep skin. The *leather products made from Ethiopian sheep skin are popular because they are strong, soft, and light. One of the two companies was started by an Ethiopían woman. She lage in Elhiopia. Her mother and father worked hard, but the life of her family was not easy. he wanted her family, and the people in her village to have better lives.,A few vears after ating from school she started a company that/made shoes from local materials in Ethiopia. A rOads and bridges, or giving them B up in a small th the local people. Sheraod /