(A) turn to (B) feel like ) A: You look terrible. What's wrong? B: I don't feel well. (C) take care of (D) stay away from A: You should go to a doctor. C (A) actually (B) helpfully (C) probably (D) commonly 6. 'A' (A) one 7. ( Many countries in the world produce honey, and (B) each NOWE (C) both ) The honey lemon water is helpful for a cold. Drink it, and you will of them is Turkey. (D) all 8. 10. feel much better. (B) catching (A) having gel tool (C) treating (D) Smartphones (F) are more and more popular. It is people using smartphones on the streets. (A) sick A a D 11. A 12 ( D (B) useful (C) helpful (D) explaining to see (D) common A: I didn't see Yuri last week, and she wasn't at work today. What's going on with her? B: She left two weeks ago. two blocks away. (A) Actually she found a new job in that big company Isten (B) Probably (C) For example (D) For no reason his office. (D) as ) Mr. Lee works at home, so he uses his living room (A) to ) A car became a (A) must (B) with (C) from for me after I moved to the country (F). (B) cold (C) medicine ) Read the information below and answer the question. (D) stand The jaw is one of our most important body parts. Without our jaw, we can't talk or sing. It holds our teeth, so we need it when we eat or bite. Although it's not close to our stomach, a jaw problem might actually cause a stomachache. When our jaw hurts, there could be a problem in the neck or ears because these three parts are next to each other. Where is our jaw? (A) Below the neck. (C) Next to our stomach. (B) Inside our throat. (D) In the lower part of our face.


✨ ベストアンサー ✨

5. probably 是應該的意思
You should probably go to a doctor

without your jaw you can’t talk or sing
It holds our teeth(牙齒)
所以選D lower part of our face(臉部下方)