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owl with Characters Larger tha In any book, cartoon or film we all love to see the heroes defeat the villains, save the world, win the girl and live happily ever after. But just between you and me, don't we feel a little bit sorry for the villains as well? Batman is the superhero protector of Gotham City. After witnessing the murder of his parents as a child, he swore to fight crime. He does not have any superhuman powers, but relies on his intelligence, athletic ability and scientific knowledge. He wears a costume that acts like armour. His cape can spread out like wings which can be used to glide down safely from heights. As a crime fighter, Batman faces several enemies. His biggest enemy is the Joker, a violent maniac with a clown-like appearance. The Joker, a master criminal, has chalk- white skin, green hair and a permanent grin stretched across his face. At one time he can be mischievous and funny, but at other times violent, brutal and cruel. He has no superpowers, instead he is intelligent and good at chemical engineering and weapon design, which he uses to create instruments of terror. One of the most powerful villains is Thanos. He is much larger than the average human, with powerful muscles, a broad face and purple skin. He often wears Life a protective suit of armour, and a glove that can harness power from infinity stones. Thanos plans to use this power to erase half of the human population. Due to this, he is seen as an enemy by many, notably Iron Man who teams up with other heroes, the Avengers, to try to stop him. Iron Man is identified by the armour he wears, which he largely made for himself. Though he has no superpowers, his armoured suit gives him strength, makes him fly, and shoots rays from the palms of his metal gloves. He also has a device on his chest that helps his damaged heart to beat well. Once a good fairy, Maleficent suffered a betrayal from King Stefan that turned her pure heart to evil. To revenge, she placed a curse upon the king's newborn daughter, Princess Aurora, which she makes to only be broken by the kiss of true love. Later on, Maleficent developed a maternal love for the princess. That love broke the curse when she kissed Aurora on the forehead. Whether heroes or villains, these are the characters I admire the most. I love to watch the heroes fight the villains and eventually see good win over evil. I also can't help feeling for the villains and their weaknesses; I just love to hate them! These stories are timeless and the characters are definitely larger than life.
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