HOZZJ that pa change Angela Duckworth, an American scholar, gave a TED Talk in New York entitled "Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance." The ideas in her talk were later made into a book with the same title, 3. was published in 2016. 4. years earlier, Duckworth accepted a job as a mathematics teacher at a public school in New York. Her talk details how 5. the years, her students gradually taught her that to be successful, natural intelligence alone is not enough. One must also possess what is 7. by a strong determination to known 6. grit. Grit refers to consistent effort achieve a goal. Through detailed research, Duckworth discovered that people with high levels of grit remain highly motivated to achieve their goals 8. giving up on them. In other words, someone with true grit will see himself or herself getting closer to his or her goal day by day. Therefore, that person will always be able to keep himself or herself 9. to achieving that goal. Duckworth's TED Talk and book have since book have since inspired millions remained on The New York Times' bestseller list for almost half a A 10. Her boo following its t a year publication./leave/find +0+ (1. (A) what 學士廟讀 高檢眼 (B) which (C) how CDB (B 2. (A) So (B) (A) 3.(A) which (B) it (C) that (D) 4.(A) Few (00 (B) Little) (C) A little (D) 5.(A) with (B) around (C) until 6.(A) by (B) 7.(A) drives (B) for (C) as tedi. (B) driven (C) driving (A) 8. (A) instead of 9. (A) dedicate (B) dedicating (B) regardless of (C) except for such 這樣的: (C) very (D) same (D) 9gbird) and insinu (D) A fewsl (D) over (D) to be (D) to drive (D) in addition to (D) why HTA. 197 OT (C) dedicated (D) to dedicate 10.(A) in turn (B) around the world 新人会画画 香取湖小匙 (H (C) on their way (D) around the corner 六、文意選填:10% WN (A) worthy (B) discuss (C) technological (D) with (E) increase (F) audience (G) speaks of (H) as well as (I) celebrity (J) by From the beginning, before a word is spoken, it's clear that Molly Wright's TED T mits in a high chair. A little girl walks out, smilin 2 weak pho ask chi


✨ ベストアンサー ✨

dedicated 盡心盡力的
be dedicated to N/Ving 致力於⋯⋯
(把 be + dedicated to... 改成 keep + O + dedicated to 就是上面的用法)


dedicate 奉獻
dedicate A to B 把A奉獻給B
其中A可能是 someone's life 或是 oneself 等等

... dedicate himself or herself to...
himself or herself dedicated to...