Climate change and school 1 Complete the rules with simple or continuous. 1 We use the present. to talk about... A our lives and things we do every day, week, etc. B how we think or feel about something. 2 We use the present. A things that are happening now. to talk about... B things that are happening around now (today, this week, etc.). 2 Choose the correct alternative. Then match to the rules (1A, 1B, 2A or 2B) in Ex 1. 1 Siri works/is working very hard at the moment.. 2 We travel/are travelling to school by bus every day. 3 'Where's Jamal?' 'He writes / is writing an essay in his bedroom.'. 4 "Whose bag is that?" "I think it belongs/is belonging to Amy.'_ 5 Every year, some students fail/ are failing their exams because they don't revise / aren't revising.. 6 A Do you like / Are you liking netball, Anya?. B No, it's boring. I prefer/are preferring basketball. 7 Our science lessons are always interesting - this week we study/are studying the water cycle. _ 8 Nasser wants / is wanting to be a climate scientist when he grows up.. 6 3 Complete the interview with the present simple or present continuous form of the verb in brackets. A So Tariq, what' (think) of your new classroom? Having your lessons on a boat seems strange. B It is a bit strange, but 12 3 school on a boat is really cool. (like) it. Going to (understand) why the boat is necessary? B Yes, of course. It's because of climate change. We (learn) about it in our science class this week. The climate (change) and it means there is more water in the river. So we can't get to school by road. A What is it like to study on a boat? B It's exciting. At first it was strange, but now it (get) easier. It 7 (have) desks, chairs and whiteboards - just like a normal school. And there are exams soon. Sometimes I A 9 (forget) I'm on a boat. B Yes, 10 moment, I (work) hard for your exams? (revise) for my exams at the (want) to go to university and study climate science, and 1 12 (know) it's 7 important to get good grades at school. Introduction