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74 黑檢請書 語文領域×生活圖表題 格格不入的紅貓 Rosie Unit 32 Rosie, the Red Cat Posi Sandra wrote a book report about Rosie, the Red Cat. Name: Sandra Date: November 11th Book Report Book: Rosie, the Red Cat Where does the story take place? In a small cat town. What happened in the story of the book? Though Rosie is the only daughter in the Black family, she has not been treated well since she was born. This is because Written by: Elsa Young Who is in this book? Mr. Black a fifty-year-old black cat, who has two sons and a daughter proud of his sons, who are as black as him disgusted with his daughter because she has nothing in common with him values boys more than girls Mrs. Black she is different from her family a forty-five-year-old black cat, who is a in many ways. For example, she sometimes plays in the mud with dogs and gets dirty, which makes her parents very angry. What's more, she doesn't drink milk as her brothers do. Tea is her favorite. Rosie feels troubled because her family is indifferent to her. When she feels down, she sings. She believes that if she keeps singing, something good might happen. The story ends with a song written by Rosie. It becomes a hit in the cat world. What I think of the story... housewife *seldom sides with her daughter or speaks for her because she is afraid of her husband *unhappy and silent Charcoal * a twenty-year-old black cat, who loves sports and is good at catching mice *strong and healthy Ebony *a nineteen-year-old black cat, who is his father's favorite *smart and handsome Rosie 290字|建議作答4.5分 1. What 字證 (A) Un (B) PL (C) S (D) W A 2. Wh (A) an eighteen-year-old red cat, who loves dancing with mice and makes friends with dogs *has a beautiful voice *often made fun of by her brothers I feel sad about the way Rosie's family treats her. Family should love each other. 3 indifferent 冷漠的 value 評價 silent 安靜的 細節 UP L 【細節 推論 B 19/11
Ro ovember 11th 290字|建議作答4.5分鐘,實際 ho has two sons black as him ecause she ha who is a 【細節 A₁ - speaks er husband 推論 res sports F 秒 1. What does disgusted with mean? (A) Unhappy with. (B) Pleased with. (C) Sure of. (D) Wrong about. 2. Which is NOT said about Rosie, the Red Cat? (A) How many pages there are in it. B) Where the story happens. (C) What the book is mainly about. (D) Who wrote the book. 3. In the end, what happens to Rosie? (A) She decides to leave home. (B) She loses hope in her family. (C) She becomes successful in life. (D) She starts her own family. 4. According to the reading, which is NOT true? (A) Rosie is the youngest of the three children. (B) Mr. Black loves his second son best. ASK 素養閱讀 (C) Both Charcoal and Ebony act strangely like Rosie. (D) Mrs. Black is a quiet person. is Learn More dogs 每個人都是獨特的 #When a thing


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