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025. 25 Strange Animals: 10 The Hammerhead Shark The hammerhead shark is an underwater mystery. Why is its head shaped like a hammer? Nobody is sure. For years, people thought the shark's shape helped it to smell food, or swim faster. But now there is a new idea about this strange animal. It seems that the hammerhead can see better than other sharks. Although its eyes are far apart, it can look up, down, left, and right. It can also see straight ahead. It can easily guess the distance between itself and other fish. This means that the hammerhead shark can hunt very well. This shark changed the shape of its face over thousands of years. As its face got bigger, it saw more and more of the sea around it. It could catch more fish to eat. The hammerhead changed because it needed to survive. Q S
ar wis eople ster. Stingrays are a particular favorite of the hammerhead sharks. The hammerhead can see better than other sharks. T SS uestions 1. What do we learn about hammerhead sharks? a. Their eyes got bigger over time. b. They can't catch enough fish. c. They move faster than other sharks. d. Their shape helps them to see. 2. Which one is not mentioned in the reading? La. a. Smelling. b. Resting. 25 Strange Animals: The Hammerhead Shark Hunting. d. Swimming. 3. What can you say about a "mystery"? a. It makes a lot of noise. c. It doesn't eat much. b. It happens very slowly. d. It's hard to understand. 4. Which one can hammerhead sharks do? a. See things behind them. b. Make sounds to help other sharks. c. Know how far away things are. d. Live in very cold water. 5. When do we use "It seems that ..."? a. When we're talking about things which are different. b. When we're talking about things which are the same. c. When we think something is true, but we're not sure. d When we know for sure that something is not true.


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3.Mystery 謎團 所以答案是(D)
4.他可以測量自己和其他魚之間的距離 所以是(c)
5.it seems that 是似乎的意思 表示我們認為有可能是真的,但不確定