第三十九題love後不是接to v嗎

英文歷屆單題(第二回) 班級 座位 姓名 張心妤 as it was ten years ago. (D) young (A)36. The paint on the wall is not as A (A) bright (B) heavy (C) sure It has changed from white to gray. 37. I told you this road went the wrong way, but you just wouldn't listen. (A) go ahead (B) move away (C) pass by (D) turn back 38. The last five years have not been is. (A) kind (B) special (C) real (D) enough DIA 139. My dog Jimmy loves 'B 被 with a comb. to Jennie. (A) to brush (B) brushing (C) to be brushing )40. Look at the picture. The dog is sitting. (A) on the bag (B) next to the woman (C) inside the bag (D) between the woman and the bag Now we have to and take another Her face is covered with lines and she looks much older than Every time I comb his hair, he will close his eyes and fall asleep. (D) being brushed
(A) care (B) count (C) look (D) pray ()46. I'm glad that my school has students wear (A) belts (B) caps (C) gloves (D) uniforms I don't have to wo ☆A )47. We are surprised that Sally and Ray decided to get married. No one kno other and are unhappy together. (A) why (B) where (C) when (D) how (D)48. I don't think Katie will read any one of the books you've picked out for her (A) it (B) one (C) some (D) they AD A 49. Jenny's bag is very heavy because BID ¥50元 filled with toy cars. (A) it is (B) they are (C) there is (D) there are a map with you when you go to a place for the first time. (A) Have taken (B) Take (C) Taking (D) To take 51. The weather AB51. ) rainy and cloudy in the last few days. I hope the s (A) has been (B) had been (C) will be (D) would be 52, All the excuses Nick made A052) (B)53. Sabine walks so a lot about how much he hates to do t (A) say (B) saying (C) which say (D) to say in the apartment that sometimes you don't ever


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(2)50題是祈使句用法。祈使句通常是省略主詞(比如這題的主詞是you)然後使用原型動詞開頭。祈使句和不定詞(to v)使用上的判斷主要看是否有連接詞,如果有連接詞(and,or,when,because…)會使用祈使句,若沒有連接詞則使用不定詞。