10% Can money buy happiness? People have always wondered 1. money really makes them happy. Researchers used to believe that it is up to a certain point happiness increases with income: beyond an annual income of $75,000, people are no happier with higher salaries. 3., recent studies have indicated that happiness still increases when salaries are higher than $75,000. The main reason that money seems to bring happiness is 4. more money can bring greater financial security. Daily activities such as grocery shopping are easier when most of the anxiety regarding what 5. is removed. In this way, money could be viewed as a solution problems. 6. one's on individual Most studies related to this question are based on averages rather than experiences. 7., there are many exceptions to the rule that happiness increases with 8. making $25,000 per year. By contrast, one's income. Some people are satisfied others feel that millions of dollars are required 9. their desired lifestyles. Compared with averages, the individual items that people spend their money on may be truer measures of happiness. A few studies have indicated that people are happy 10. they spend their money on specific items. This suggests that although having all the money in the world may not make you happy, it would give you more choices in purchasing the items you want. Such choices could surely increase one's happiness. anw spalliv siff (D) whether ) 1.(A) where (B) who (C) what (A) 2)(A) that (B) when (E) how (D) which (A) 3.(A) However (B) Thus (C) Similarly (D) Moreover (C) 4.(A) who (B) why (C) that (D) where B) 5. (A) can one afford (B) one can afford (C) does one afford (D) can afford one 6. (A) to (B) with (C) for (D) in 7.(A) Finally (B) In addition (C) Therefore (D) For example 8.(A) on (B) to (C) by (D) with