(๒๐ปแบบทั้งโจท 1. Look at the two different ways of comparing and contrasting-Plan A and Plan B on page 157. Which plan is used in the paragraph? 2. What are the similarities in wedding customs? 3. What transition words show the similarities? 4. What are the differences in wedding customs? 5. What transition word shows the differences or contrast? 6. Did the writer use the correct punctuation before and after the transition words? RIT RIT
-ride n d the following paragraph written by a student. Then answer the questions below. Wedding Customs ประเม เม There are some similarities and differences in wedding customs between North America and my country. First, the couple wears special wedding clothes. In North America, the bride wears a white dress and usually a veil. The groom wears a dark suit or a tuxedo. Similarly, in my country, the bride wears a white dress and a veil. However, the groom does not wear a tuxedo. He wears a dark suit. Next, there is a wedding reception after the wedding. In North America, the reception can be a sit- down meal or appetizers. Likewise, in my country the reception is a sit-down meal. However, in my country there is more food on the tables. Also, the wedding reception in North America ends by a certain time such as midnight. However, in my country, the reception continues until the morning. In conclusion, there are both similarities and differences in the wedding customs between my country and North America.
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