Ľ 23 control by using cruel discipline. They may think that 24 in fact they aren't. Other people will try to keep their pet punishment and intimidation are the best ways to solve a problem d people abuse animals because they are careless. For example, someoné might forget to give their cat water for a few days or leave their dog in a car on a hot day with the windows rolled up. Some people 25 they can handle. By doing so, the hurt animals instead of helping them by taking in more pets animals end up living in a place that's cramped, dirty and unhealthy. Nearly all of these people can learn to understand (F) Keep 26% they are being cruel to animals through basic and proper education and become a better keeper. OK The next biggest group of animal abusers does it on purpose, but only for a short period of time. For example, a group of kids may throw rocks at a nest of baby birds they happen to see, or hurt a 22 Beat 28 everyone else is doing. in their neighborhood. These people are usually young, and they aren't thinking. Mostly, they do so out of the peer pressure or the need to impress each other. They just go along with This last group of abusers is the worst. These are people who intentionally hurt animals because it makes them feel powerful. By doing so, they think they control the animals. Others enjoy pain and violence. All of the people in the last group suffer from serious, psychological problems y not go away on their own. They often need the help of licensed professionals-like a psychologist. Without help, their psychological problems can that will probably HC 30 them for their whole lives. to that stray (G) what simply 第4頁 共10頁 (H) haunt when (I) with 29 (E) under (J) than 實際与前述不同