Write an essay on the given TOPIC. Use TWO of the POINTS below to support your answer. Structure: introduction, main body, and conclusion Suggested length: 120-150 words TOPIC Do you think that gas-powered cars will be replaced by electric cars in the near future? 電時の排出 POINTS 走行エネルギーの asse). Environment Convenience #1124-Kat #veg Cost Industry 高速産 ・充電せった コストが高い 産業限られた 短いきが しが ・使用者が買いかえようとは 思わない 2:33. 1 充電スペースの 2015 3. cars will be replaced by electric cars I do not think that gas-powered opinion. in the near future, I have two reasons to support this One reason is that it may be not convenient for people to drive electric cars in these days society. For example, electric cars take more time to charge than gas-powered cars. Moreover, electric cars can run few distance. Onother reason is that electric cars cost a lot of money in the many situation. For example, people who use electric, cars usually sex charging places at the each houses, but they have to pay so much cash to do it, Also, they need to prepare too much money every month to charge electric Propte cash, For these reasons above, I believe that gas-powered cars will be replaced by electric cars in the near future. total: 179 words
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