英語 Amy: Hey Jake, I was thinking about online shopping this weekend. Do you shop online often? Jake: Yeah, I do it quite a bit. It's so ( house and you can ( ) almost anything online. That's true. I love the convenience, too, especially with a busy schedule. But I've heard there are some downsides to it. What do you think? Well, one obvious downside is not being able to ( ) or try the product before buying. Sometimes, what you see on the website isn't exactly what you get. Amy: Yeah, that's a good point. I've had a couple of instances where the color or size was ) from what I expected. ( Another thing is the shipping time. Even with express shipping, you might have to ( ) a few days for your stuff to arrive. It's not great if you need Amy: Jake: Jake: Amy: Amy: Jake: Jake: Jake: something urgently. True, waiting can be frustrating. But what about the ( that sometimes the prices are higher online. It depends. I've found some great deals online, especially during sales. But you're right; in some cases, the prices can be a bit inflated, and you might end up paying more than if you bought it in-store. Amy: And returns can be a hassle, too. I had to return a shirt once, and the process took forever. It's not as easy as just going to a store and returning it on the spot. Yeah, returns can be a pain. Also, there's the whole security issue. You must be careful about where you're buying from to avoid scams or stealing your ( ). Amy: Oh, definitely. I always make sure the website is secure before entering any payment details. 日本語 L ), you know? No need to leave the On the bright side, online ( ) can be super helpful. I always check them before making a purchase. It gives you an idea of the product's quality and whether it's worth the money. Amy: That's a good point. I do the same. It's like having the opinions of a bunch of friends who've already ( ) the product. Jake: Exactly. So, while there are some drawbacks, I think the ( ) of online shopping, like the convenience and variety, outweigh the ( ) for me. Yeah, I agree. It's all about finding a balance and being cautious about where and what you're buying. )? I've heard