41-44題為題組 Dognition will help you learn more about your dog's cognitive traits. It offers an online test Is your dog an Einstein or a Charmer? For US $60, a recently-founded company called telling you about the brain behind the bark. Dognition's test measures a dog's intellect in several aspects-from empathy to memory to reasoning skills/ But don't expect it to measure your pet's IQ.) Dr. Hare, one of the venture's co- founders, says a dog's intelligence can't be described with a single number. Just as humans have a wide range of intelligences, so do dogs. The question is what type your dog relies on more. After you plunk your money down, Dognition's website will take you through a questionnaire about your dog: For example, how excited does your dog get around other dogs, or children? Do fireworks scare your pup? Then, Dognition guides you through tests that are as fun as playing fetch or hide-and-seek. At the end, you get a report of your dog's cognitive profile. Your dog could fall into one of nine categories: Ace, Stargazer, Maverick, Charmer, Socialite, Protodog, Einstein, Expert, or Renaissance Dog. That can give you something to brag about on Dognition's Facebook page. It also can shed new light on why dogs do the things they do. For example, a Charmer is a dog that trusts you so much that it would prefer to solve problems using information you give it rather than information it can get with its own eyes. Dognition helps people understand their dogs in ways that they have never been able to do. This new understanding can enrich the relationship between dogs and their owners. B 41 What is the third paragraph mainly about? (A) The theory behind the questionnaire used in the Dognition test. (B) The procedure for evaluating a dog's intellect on Dognition. D The products one can get by paying a fee to Dognition. (D) The characteristics of the activities Dognition offers. 又 42. According to the passage, which of the following statements is true? (A) Different dogs display strengths in different intelligences. BA dog's cognitive profile is composed of nine cognitive skills. The purpose of Dognition's testing is to control a dog's behavior. (D) A dog's intelligence can be ranked based on the score of a Dognition's test. K 43. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word "venture" in the second paragraph (B) Risky attempt. (D) New business. (A) Creative measurement. 53% (C) Non-profit organization. 569 29 xyzcd.


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第一段第二句,"a recently-founded company called Dognition",所以可以知道這個公司是新成立的。

題目問的第二段的這句,"ome of the venture's co-founders",venture的共同創辦人之一,結合前面來看這個venture應該是指這個公司,所以選D。