II、綜合測驗 (1)__ a long 1. I'm a plastic bag. After I was born, I was sent from the factory to a shop. I waited time, until finally some kids took me to a beach. When it was (2)__ dark they left, but they forgot me! Then the wind ___(3)____ blew me into the sea. I floated around, but I wasn't alone. I had many plastic friends there! Then I went down a dark tunnel into a chamber. A fork (4)__ me told me that we were inside a fish. This fish swallowed more and more plastic things ___(5)__ it died. After its body decomposed, I was back in the ocean. (6) a wave threw me up onto the shore. Later, a student picked me up with a ____(7)____ of tongs. Before I knew it, I was inside an even bigger plastic bag. I heard a teacher say that plastic products often ____(8)____ in the ocean. The poisonous substances released by them can even harm people. _(9)____ the plastic bottle beside me, they are going to take us to a recycling factory. How strange! These humans produce us in order to ___(10)__ their lives better, and then misuse us. I hope that my next owner knows how to use me properly! ( C )) (1) (C) for (1) (2) (B) on (B) making (B) suddenly (C) keeping (C) actually (C) as well as (B) next to (B) while (B) Day by day (B) herd (C) when (C) Long before (C) pair (B) turn into (C) turn out (B) In addition to (C) According to (B) lead (C) get simple. You place recyclable things inside a bin. A few months later, they (A) to (A) leaving (A) wonderfully (A) far away (A) after (A) One day (A) sheet (A) end up ) (9) (A) That is (A) (10) (A) make dis () (3) () (4) (√) (5) () (6) (C) (7) (A) (8) cr R (D) at (D) turning (D) amazingly (D) by the way (D) until (D) From time to time (D) flock (D) pass out (D) Even though (D) trust


✨ ベストアンサー ✨

According to 根據⋯⋯(的說法)
所以According to the plastic bottle beside me是指根據我旁邊那個塑膠瓶(的說法)


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