signifies the birth of a free and independent nation. is the Taj Mahal*, which was built in Another famous landmark on the other side of the ____(5) 1653. This (6) Indian structure is a popular destination* for travelers. Over seven million people _(7)___ around the world visit it every single year. ___(8)__ it's so well known, not many visitors are aware of the sad story behind it. four centuries ago. Emperor Shah Jahan had a beautiful white marble The story dates back to ____(9)_ building built in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz, who had died while giving birth to their 14th child. heart but also for his endless devotion* The building was named the Taj Mahal and also known as the "Crown of Palaces," where Mumtaz was _(10) laid to rest. To this day, it stands not just for a husband's to his wife. It is a symbol of everlasting love for many people. destination 3. commemorate Taj Mahal devotion (1)) famous so a (B) famous such a (C) such a famous D) so a famous (1) (2)(A) that (B) what (C) which (D) where (3)(A) into (4)(A) thus (B) from (C) among (D) for (B) yet (C) again (D) instead (5)(A) freedom (B) slave (C) monument (D) globe (C) ancient (D) scientific ) (6)(A) plastic (B) nutritious (D) with ) (7)(A) on (B) from (C) to 17) (8)(A) As soon as (B) Not until ) (9)(A) due to (B) according to (C) Only when (D) Even though (C) close to (D) in addition to (10) (A) to break (B) broke (C) breaking (D) broken Just as the Statue of Liberty is recognized as a symbol of freedom, so is Eugène Delacroix's painting Pading the People, a representation of liberty. Liberty Leading the People has three features in eated -甜相机