Dear John, dapolog 2. o I have something very difficult to tell you. There's no easy way to put it: I 1. you. It's painful to tell you this because we've had a lot of good together. You've helped me 3. new friends and discover new games, new mes. music, and new knowledge. I can 4. you anything, and you almost always know the answer. Vele Hob aid unt odi moot inovonot bad ni erw However, I'm 5. it's time for me to say goodbye. From the moment I 6., I spend nd all m my time with you. Throughout the day, I check you 7. for emails and updates. I'm so 8. spending time with you that the rest of my life has started to suffer. At school, my grades are 9. worse. At home, I 10. peak to my family members. My are starting to complain that I ignore 101) b them when we are together. Tyas friends al verlodissa riodi, notast aveus) Provinh I hope you understand why I need to leave you. It's the only way that I can WLA get my good grades back, spend more time with my family, and reconnect with my friends. There's only one thing left for me to say. Goodbye.... esmit Ils to onodqhsmesso Best wishes, Jo Sally (B) 1. (A) leave (A) 2. (A) times (7) 3. (A) making (A) 4. (A) ask B) 5.(A) satisfied (B) am leaving (C) left (B) plans (B) made abnordliw uniqmass of (C) pauses (C) makes (C) do F07504 (B) help (B) afraid 6.(A) let out 19 (B) dress up (C) wake up (D) have left (D) reflections (D) make (D) find (D) personal (D) fall asleep (C) romantic L2


✨ ベストアンサー ✨

Im afraid 或im afraid that 是委婉用詞,可以翻譯成恐怕。因此整句翻譯就是:「然而,恐怕是要跟你說再見的時候了。」