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se it is 【左營】 neans (n.) REE down to earth (油方法) fal (adj) 69 on earth 究竟 less (adj) 32164 earth: I They came to Earth, t 事!他們來到了地球, school! I felt so 我覺得 一天! 告> =ent from. bol, but my mom 我媽媽 生命 o "know me as the 「高一時尚妹」, = *so depressing! 很令人沮喪! A 多段考即時通加 ( 10. Cigarette prices are getting higher and higher. You should really try (A) (B) to quit on quitting to quitting 11. My mother does not let me out at night. She says it is dangerous for a gid so walk outside at night. (B) to go (L) 12. Emma is just going to have her hair (A) cuts (B) cut ) 13. Sam is still unable to make himself (A) understand 14. Why don't you get your boyfriend. (A) come (B) to come I want to have a dog, but my mom will not care of it. (A) have ) 15. Cis. (B) get 16. Maria worked part-time through college. [**] (A) as (B) for 17, Mother Teresa was known (A) as (B) for 1756 22 12 fortune misfortune (n.) in., AC¹. (B) to understand (C) going (C) cutting ★ go well = run smoothly ★ for + 一段時間 → 持續一段時間 around (Adv.) Mi (B) watered 【竹女】 in English. F (C) coming (C) understood to the party tonight? (D) gone (C) on (D) to a very kind woman. (C) to (D) to be cut (D) by porform a miracle (D) into coming me. She says I will be too busy to take (C) let (D) want a babysitter in the neighborhood to help pay her way fortuneate (adjis+ly Fortunately, the day *went well, and miraculouslyno one said anything about my pimple! 很幸運地,這天很順利,而且奇蹟般地,沒有人提到任何有關我痘痘的事! make sure ensure But for the rest of the year, I was sure that everyone was talking about my funny zit every day BETTER THAN BEFORE (D) to be understood (**) 但接下來的一整年我確信每個人每天都趁我不在的時候,談論著我那可笑的痘痘。 38 35 when I was not around. 在背後 Y private around the word behind my back. in •段考即時通知 18. Peter thinks if he sells the house, he will have enough money (A) about (B) in (C) for 19. When you called me, I the flowers in the backyard. (A) water (C) was watering 鄭成英文~5~英文真悍 the rest of his life. (D) within (D) was watered SYONSTRO 5202 鄭域英文·龍騰版 1 L1