在此 #521 此 什 The military career of John Kipling and his tragic death. de la cheie asunungen von bing (D) The relationship between Rudyard Kipling and his son. 312 3201 ob 120 000 1 () 30. What does the phrase "do so" refer to in the second paragraph? #zeer raus. (A (A) Join the British Navy. (3) (B) Be old enough to be recruited. (C) Use his influence to help his son. (A31. What can be inferred from the passage? (D) Suffer from severe nearsightedness. (8) (A) John Kipling was nearsighted since birth. (B) Rudyard Kipling never found his son's body. (C) John Kipling went missing on his 18th birthday. (D) Rudyard Kipling searched for his son for six weeks. VI. 翻譯:20%(32 至 33 每格 2 分,34 至 35 題每題 5 分,為一題組) 32. 每年,各行各業的人們都來參與中臺灣最大的宗教活動 the all Every year, people from largest religious event in central Taiwan. Jadi eson Jamero 33. 我哥哥的財務支持幫助我度過了一次失業的困難時期。 works of walks Grieste att mind that whoever might life me My brother's financial support helped to was unemployed. that it may be difficult to delect whatever we post on the school we shou media 34.我們應該記住無論我們張貼什麼在社群媒體上都可能難消除。 1201 We should keep keep in mind 35. 因此,當我們做評論時,我們要避免使用粗魯的語言並保持謙虛。 come to participate in the Hdquart a difficult time when I Biftiscono Therefore, we avoided using rude laughage and kept the runish when we Thus, when we make comments, we should avoid using VII. reported : 17% rude language and remain Thumble 20 Iain Yi o high school student in Taiwan had been curious about the secret to having a good life, so