วิชาภาษาอังกฤษ Past and Past Perfect Tense
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B1 Past and Past Perfect Tense Fill in the correct form of the verb in brackets: Past or Past Perfect Tense /Simple or Progressive) 1. After I the letter, I the wrong address on it. (POST, REALISE, WRITE) 2. John asked me where I 3. At this time yesterday, we 4. When I the magnificent time I 5. It was the first time that she 6. As soon as the maid working in the garden. (FINISH, START) (ALREADY MAKE, RISE) 9. We 10. When I 7. We started to worry about Jimmy because we (CALL) 8. They (ARRIVE, LEAVE) 13.1 14. We 11. While I in the garden it off the oven. (WORK, STRIKE, NOT TURN) 12.1 18. We (NOT GO, CANCEL) the day before. (BE) through the streets of Madrid, I that I about there as a student. (WALK, THINK, SPEND) me to dinner. (INVITE) scrubbing the kitchen floor, she California. (WATCH, HIT) 15. The police told me that someone 16. When I finally. for half an hour. (ARRIVE, WAIT) 17. Patricia their way out of town before the sun for 6 km. (ALREADY WALK) for two hours when we finally got to our hotel. (DRIVE) home, I saw that the children. my best friend to the party, but he couldn't come because he other plans. (INVITE, ALREADY MAKE) out of the window because I some noises. (LOOK, THINK, HEAR) TV when we saw that a devastating earthquake. a job. (STUDY, QUIT, GET) TO28 him all afternoon. me that I English for three years when she to China because our flight at the airport, he told me that he into our neighbour's house. (BREAK) and on short notice.
past and past perfect tense