DC47 CA048 )47. Wake up, children! You have to walk to school (C)by yourself (D)by yourselves 48. There are all kinds of flowers on display in this park. The yellow ghes ( (AJIVIUSU (A)others (B)another (C)49. Mom made some apple pie, and I ate all of (C)ones (A)them (B)those (C)it (D)the pies CD050. Both of the girls are in my class, and the one on the right is Sally's daughter. (Alboth (B)another one (D)the DA51. The old cellphones are heavier than the new ones 52. There are three pens on my desk. One is red, one (B)the other (C)another (D)some B53. Mom: How many people are you going to invite to your birthday party tonight? Tina: I will invite my friends to my 55. Rick: How was the trip to Japan? Fiona: Though it was we yourself (B)One (C)Many (D)Both today. (A)yours (B)by yours (D)each other ADE (C)less (D)much B 54. There are two boys in the Wang family. Jason is more handsome than (B)the other (C)each other (D)any other are the most beautiful. (A)one (B)them (C)it (D)ones is white, and the other is black. (A)the party. (A)little (B)several enjoyed myself (D)enjoyed themselves another a lot there. (A)enjoyed ourselves Benjoyed CB156 )56. Mark loves playing sports a lot. All of the sports are interesting to him. (A)smell (B)look at (C)are (D)watch (B)57. A All of the tea in this restaurant from the UK. It tastes different. (A)come (B)comes (C)coming (D)to come )58 If you two can believe in (C)others (D)the others , you will pass the test. (A)each other (B)another


✨ ベストアンサー ✨

48. ones代替前面複數名詞:flowers,The yellow flowers
50. 在右邊的"那位"是Sally的女兒,用the one,the other是'剩下的",語意不對
58. you two,有限定兩位,用each other(彼此),believe in each other:彼此信任