woled agaidi wol od to oporoid 38 (36.~39.) as yew among onl Jason: Good news to Susan, right? Pat: What do you mean? I can't find Susan. Jason: Oh, I saw her yesterday. She was on her way to your place. Pat: Really? And what's the good news? Jason: Well... Richard told me that... Pat: Hello, Richard. Is Susan there? Richard: No, she isn't, but she hasn't been happy, and it is all because of you. Pat: I am sorry. I don't understand. Richard: Well, she saw you 36. with a girl at the house. Pat: A girl? What are you talking about, Richard? Richard: Susan went to your place and saw you and a girl sit very close to each other. Pat: Oh, my goodness! That was Zoe. She was my girlfriend before. We have been good friends since we broke up. She 37. and she wants to invite us to her wedding. Oh, no, Richard. What have you done? What have you said to Susan? Richard: You told everyone that you will get married. Pat: Yes, to Susan, you fool. Richard: Ooops. Sorry. My car is here, just around the corner. Pat: OK. 38. me a ride to Susan's place. Richard: Sure, but there is a problem. Susan 39. to the airport. She is going back to France. wedding
育會: 11 回 第 11 禮 能力等級 精 熟囗A A+ TAX p 11 B+ A++ B++ 17 36. (A) talked (B) to talk c (C) talking (D) to talking (A) 37. (A) got married (B) has been married (C) is getting married (D) was getting married bns zono einsbrass som lub os aploos bill HO YLHO TOT DDLEY 376 236 slog na mbin nomin asviltisdi szolno (C) Giving on to a 97000 910 (D) To give blooda alquen 38. (A) Give (B) Gives 39. (A) is otocox buns la bon (B) goes (C) has been (D) has gone grival .