Do O 1. Peter asked me 綜合演練 (A) what did you do (C) how long has Jack lived here 2. Please let me know (A) whose ring is this (C) where does she live 3. I really have no idea (A) what 4. 5. This is the village (A) Does a pet get (C) Should a pet get (A) where 6. Your future success lies in (A) that 7. It was raining, 13. (B) how a good home is important. A 16 (A) that (10, That's Justin, the boy (A) that Du (B) which (A) and 8. The car, (A) that 9. He showed me around the village, (A) what (B) which (A) If 12. It's hard for me to decide on (A) that (B) where have any (B) if I could help him this time (D) when could he meet Ms. Lai (B) which dress you like most (D) who do you live with (D) where to do. your boss is. (C) who kept my daughter from coming. (B) which (B) but (C) that (D) which driver is a young policewoman, is from Ireland. (C) who (D) whose was very kind of him. (D) who (B) whether you do it alone or with (B) That we visited last year. (C) who (C) when 21 (B) If a pet gets (D) Whether a pet gets (C) which has won several swimming races so far. (B) which (C) who roz (D) whose you lied to me still broke my heart though it's a white lie. (B) How (C) That (D) Which (A) If 14. Shelly dropped me a note to ask (B) where idea if the weather 15. Do you (A) is (B) will be (C) was 16. Can you go picnicking with me if the weather (A) is (B) will be (C) was (D) whom (D) whose to go to the gym or stay home. (C) where (D) who others, just hand in this report by Friday. (C) Whether (D) Who to buy for her mom. (D) that fine tomorrow? (C) who (D) has been fine tomorrow? (D) has been


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1. 名詞子句句型:疑問詞-主詞-動詞
7. 限定用法,第二句若以and連接會缺乏主詞
11. 名詞子句當主詞只能用that