請教第38題 D選項不是在強調新的方法嗎可是文章中好像沒有提到有新的方法😿

此题考 細節」 先閱讀 項, 中找出 畫出來 申述是 合唱 答案 -4 O 歡此是 境 PE 导 時事新聞 素養搶鮮試 "NFT," the Next Big Thing in the Digital World 科技 領域 雖然 If you are interested in artwork, you may hear of NFTs. Although) NFTs have been around since 2014, they become a popular way to buy and sell digital artwork now. And after the first-ever NFT artwork called "Everydays: The First 5,000 Days" was sold for $69.4 million, (NFTs have world of digital art. quickly swept through 41 37. [There has long been a problem for artists to make digital works of art (because they can be (a)" copied easily. And this makes it hard for the artists to sell their works. However, NFTs can help fix the problem. NFTs stand for non-fungible tokens. An NFT uses the technology of blockchain to 科技 make something that is one of a kind in the digital world. But unlike a painting, which can be placed in the owner's home, an NFT is a digital certificate saying you own the artwork. While 2 - 地方 there may be many copies of the painting in the world, only the person who buys the NFT gets the certificate. Only he has it. Nobody else in the world can have it. 37. It's not just art that's being sold with NFTs. Some bands are making music with NFTs. Besides, NFTs can be anything like drawings, photos, and videos. Many people believe that NFTs will be the next big thing in the digital world. digital 數位的 non-fungible tokens 非同質化代幣 blockchain 區塊鏈 certificate 憑證 搶先試試看 (V) 36. What does this mean in the reading? 指涉 科技 教育 A) Everyone can make works of art with NFTs. (B) The painting can be put in the owner's home. (C) People can make copies of the digital art. because they. (D) The digital art can be bought and sold on the Internet. (2) 37 Below are the writer's points in the reading: a. What makes NFTs special. 細節 c. Different kinds of works made with NFTs. (A) Business Daily → C In what order does the writer talk about his points? a c→b. Music World (B) b-c-a. (C) bac. 38. On which website did Nina most likely find the information above? (B) The House 推論 X + www.businessdaily.com/expensivepainting Where is the most expensive painting in the world? No one in the art world knows for sure where the painting is. However, it is believed... X X + www.musicworld/digitalmusic.com 藍ntend們可以製藝術品,讓artists 很難動作 easily」(附製藝術品很容易 How to make digital music? Linda Ryan is coming to teach you how to make digital music. Check it out here... 228 words Z. b. The problem digital art has. The Future X (D) c→ b→ a. likely 可能 → C www.thehouse.com/newhome Will NFTs change how we buy our house? ANFTs change the way we own works of art; however, it won't change how we buy our house... www.thefuture/newwaytomakedigitalart D X A new way to make digital art NFTS are the new ways to make digital art. People use it to sell art online... X


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第二行就有說到 表示NFT是一個新的方式可以去買賣數位的藝術作品 C選項是在說要如何製作數位音樂 而文章沒有講這件事






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