( P In the end, the fairy was Rosa's wish come true. stepmother B B'17. 16. that were mean to her (B) who treated her badly stepsister housework promise con Day that kept complaining about Rosa (D) which were never kind to her 17. (A) she was asked (B) what she was told (C) that she had (D) everything that needed ods groller to ha 18 (A) which was drawing B) what she drew from the river (C) she carried it do (D) that she carried 19. (A) what she felt like sharing (B) she wants to share with others (C) that she's made to do
-5 Once upon a time, there was a kind girl, Rosa. Besides her sick father, she lived with her stepmother and her stepsister 16. to finish doing to do on time, her stepmother would not give her anything 17. 72 英語文法宅急便(五) 二、題組(每題5 分,共 25 分) Rosa was made to do all the housework. If she failed to eat. One hot summer day, Rosa happened to meet an old woman on her way to the market. 18. with her. Rosa had so kind a Mon and Rosa was asked to give the old woman all the water heart that she did everything 19.. Suddenly, the old woman turned into a fairy. Thanks to Rosa's kind heart, the fairy promised to give Rosa a wish to make. Rosa thought nothing about herself, but her father was the only one 20 first came to her mind. She prayed to the fairy that her father would get well soon and stay in shape longer. In the end, the fairy was so touched by Rosa's being a good daughter that she made Rosa's wish come true. Ew sill not gnotor U


✨ ベストアンサー ✨

(A)還原句子會變成 The water was drawing with the girl.(水怎麼會跟著女孩一起抽???)明顯不合
(B)what指的是the thing which
還原後變成all the water the thing which,不合
(C)缺少關代 不合
選(D)有關代 關係合
還原成"The lady wanted the water."+"The girl carried the water with her."
➡️The lady wanted the water that the girl carried with her.