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Directions: In the sentences below, choose the correct vocabulary word from the word bank. Word Bank seafaring memorable 1. Stormy felt tidal betrayed a row boat by himself. 5. Old New England foaming condition Name Date Bulltop Stormalong. 2. When Stormy dove into the sea to fight with the octopus, the ship began pitching and the waves were outcast shortage 3. One of the most _escapades for the ship, "The Courser's", was when it tried to sail through the English Channel. by his friend, the sea, when he had to sleep in 4. After the New England sailors built the new, extremely large ship, there was a lumber yearning horrified 6. The sailors were he had spent time away from the sea. 10. Stormy always felt like an never really fit anywhere. men know that "A.B.S." stands for Alfred when they saw how bad Stormy looked after 7. While he was farming his potatoes in Kansas, he had a great for the sea. 8. After word spread about Stormy's to talk about how to solve his problem and help him. thousands of sailors met 9. One day in the early 1800's, a Cape Cod in New England, delivering a large baby onto shore. wave crashed onto the shore of because he was so big that he
Directions: In the sentences below, choose the correct vocabulary word from the word bank. Word Bank isolated remote virtual obtain access preserve Name Date 1. It is amazing that camels are able to carry books to children in nomadic villages throughout northeast Nairobi. 4. The roads to Bulla Iftin in Kenya are desert sands that cause harm to cars. 2. Some communites in Canada are too small to have their own public libraries, so places like Fort Liard have a library which offers Internet access. devour extremes 3. In Mongolia, to culture and traditions, children are being taught language called Cyrillic Mongolian script where you write vertically from top to bottom. impassable avid 7. Mr. Dashdondog was able to books, mostly donated by Japan. 9. Internet libraries. 8. The Mongolian climate is one of winter and very hot and dry in summer. 5. In Peru, the books are brought to rural schools by wagon, and excited children have turned into readers. 6. The villages in the northwest territories of Canada are very because of the long distances and extreme weather. because of the a minibus and ten thousand where it is very cold in is a huge advantage to people who do not have local 10. In the remote areas of Canada's arctic, children excitedly check their mail every day to see if a new brown bag of books arrive so they can read and 11 "them.