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and he doesn't even know her name. (A) daughter (B) friend (C) stranger" (D) teacher 陌生人 2. (B)Every time my family goes out, my brother is always the last one to often have to wait for him for a long time. 3. (A) cultures (B) interviews (C) notebooks (D) dictionaries 4. (My dad is a 5. (A) cheer up (B) get ready (C) give up (D) slow down D₂ )It was Tina's dream to travel around the world. She has traveled to many countries and experienced different (A) hopes (B) planets (C) value (D) presents 6. (.)The new policy about women's right for education has country. (A) engineer (B)gender (C) allowed (D) raised 7. (B.) A:Do you like Jackson 's song of "Singing with your heart"? B: In my it's the worst one of the Top 10. 8. ( ·0 (A) hopes (B) opinion (C) plants (D) presents )Please send me 9. (A.) on your trip so I can learn some different culture of other countries.. (A) lawyers (B) presents (C) genders (D) e-mails Ken is looking for a new job because he doesn't want to be a (A) lawyer (B) pleasure (C) stranger (D) daughter 10. ( .(() ) A: Mom and Dad won't be home until next Wednesday. B: Can I use mom's (D) culture 4. 15. ( 二、文法測驗: 11. 16. 7. ( He likes to talk to people and explain how great the cars are. (A) mailman (B) policeman (C) salesman (D) fisherman Although the house has been lived for ten years, it still keeps its high and attraction (A.) do The salesman has sold five cars this month, 12. (A) has (B) hasn'tPP (C) does (D) doesn't 13.((. )I can't go to the movies with you because I D without asking her first? (A) present (B) pleasure (C)notebook 18. B Thanks to my friends, the work can K. ite on time. (B) have done (C) be done (D) been done hasn't he? We (A) have told (B) told (C) was told (D) been told Sean seldom cleans his house, (A) doesn't he (B) does he many discussions in the anymore. not to go home late tonight. )A: I have no idea (A) where to buy (B) what to bring (C) why to go (D) how to read ? (C) has he (D) hasn't he for the interview. B: An honest heart and nice smile. You've finished your science report, (A) did you (B) didn't you (C) haven't you (D) have you ) "Can you tell us who was watching movie with you this afternoon "? is a common question that popular stars on TV interviews. (A) will to be asked (B) what to be think (C) how to be asked Whether my aunt this afternoon or not, my grandma's still be held on time. We have prepared it for three weeks. (A) is coming (B) comes (Ⓒ) will (C) will come (D) has come 現在式代替來 D) are often asked birthday party will
19. 20. ? Your son had a beef hamburger for breakfast, (A) has he (B) hasn't he (C) didn't he (D) did he A:The movie has been played on TV many times, B: Yes. It's so boring that I don't want to see it anymore. (C) does it (D) doesn't it (A) has it (B) hasn't it 21. (B)Apple trees can't 22. D ? on my farm. It's too wet and hot her (A)grow (B) be grown (C) plant (D) be planted )A: Does anyone know Amy has fed the dog.? B Yes, she did it 30 minutes ago. (A) when (B) how (C) why (D) whether 23. (. )The poor boy's parents died (E) in the accident. He does (B) what should he do (A) how should he do (C) what to do what he 24. (C)Lisa: It's time to entehul how will he do do know theater. Do you (A) where is Tom (B) where will Tom go when Tom will arrive (D) where is Tom going I like your company very


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16第一句開頭是you have 所以後年就要haven’t you (要相反然後時態一樣)







19.題裡 have a beef hamburger 算是慣用語 意思是指「吃」
例如 did you have your breakfast?
跟現在完成式裡的助動詞have 是不同的
所以 反問不會用 hasn’t he? 而是用 didn’t he?