:20.透透組 While once known for its people's good looks and slim body figures, Brazil is now confronting surging obesity rates. Almost one in four Brazilian adults is obese, a doubled rate in the past 20 years. It has led to a movement to protect overweight people 16. being discriminated. This issue is also at the center of the heated debates on one of the Brazil's most popular TV programs. This country, in media, has been featuring 17. women in ads and on catwalks. In addition to the fashion industry, other organizations and businesses are taking action. Hospitals are purchasing larger beds and MRI machines. Movie theaters are offering wider seats. At school, a day is 18. to promote the rights of overweight 這一天被預留下来 people. Laws are changing as well. Across the country, ese people are now 19. seats on public transportation and priority at certain places like banks. Besides, a comedian was fined $1,000 for making jokes about a dancer's weight. Though obese people are being treated more and more kindly, some experts urge the government to address the issues triggered by obesity from the perspective of health. 20. so have related health problems, such as diabetes, stroke, and sleep apnea. Luckily, Brazilian governments have launched campaigns encouraging a healthier diet, financed exercise spaces in Brazilian towns, and promoted more nutritious meals in school cafeterias. 16. (A) not (A) full-figuring 18. (A) lining up 19. (A) deprived of BRO CR (B) for (B) full-figured (B) kicked off B) characteristic of (C) with adi. slim-figuring (C) set aside entitled to D) from (D) slim-figured (D) following suit BIF (D) withdrawn from