特にthat以下の文を訳した時になぜcould be made better,が先に訳されてその後にその前の文が訳されてるのかが分かりません。,(コンマ)のある意味やある事によって訳す順番が変わるなど細かいとこも教えて頂きたいです。よろしくお願い致します。

tj 【1】 次の英文を読んで、後の設問に答えよ。 (配点 50 ) rational 熟慮 When we deliberate about what we should do, we look for something to justify one choice over another. We evaluate choices and decisions on the basis of whether they are rational. In that sense, rationality is the basic norm of decision-making. We want some reason to act in a particular way. The goal of all action or choice (1) is to change our situation so we will be better off, and when we look at the world and see a state of affairs that we are, at least to some extent/confident could be made better, this judgment gives us a reason to take action. VE In social sciences, the basic material of any theory of rational choice consists of three elements. These are states of the world (states), actions that one might take (actions), and ways the world can be after one acts (outcomes). The world is one way, we want it to be other than it is, and we act to bring that better world that fend et