F Read and choose. 選出正確的答案。15%(每題3分) MERS (On the phone) Kevin: Amy, I haven't talked with you since been? Amy: Not bad. 2 you got my postcard? Kevin: Yes. It was so beautiful. Thank you. Are you still in Africa? Amy: No. I have left 3. I'm in London now. Kevin: I see. 4 Amy: I have been to seven countries. Kevin: That's a lot. Did anything interesting happen? Amy: Well, I bumped into my high school classmate Lucy at a coffee shop in London yesterday. She 5 there since she moved to London five years ago. Kevin: That's cool. What a small world! ( ) (A) you left Africa (1) How have you (C) you came back home 2 ( ) (A) Did (B) Were 3 ( ) (A) yet (B) before 4 ( ) (A) How long have you been there? 5 ( ) (A) works (B) you went abroad (D) you moved to London (C) Have (C) already (C) will work (B) What have you done in those countries? (C) How many months have you been away? (D) How many countries have you visited this year? (B) worked (D) has worked bump into 巧遇 (D) Could (D) many times U
D、 Look and write. 看圖寫出問句或答句。12%(每題4分) Andy Unit 1 Judy x2 A: How many times has Andy been on a plane? B: A: B: No, she hasn't finished her homework. A: Have you done the dishes? B: E Make sentences. 依提示作答。15%(每題5分) ① Betty has learned the drums for five years. (依畫線部分造原問句) Have they ever been to the gym on the corner of the street? (once) 3 Have you taken out the garbage? (no) KOLA
Unit 1 Read and choose. For most people, sitting is an everyday thing. In fact, many of us spend more than half of our waking hours sitting in a chair. But have you heard that "sitting is the new smoking"? than smoking. It can cause heart and weight problems as well as neck Some studies show that sitting for a long time can be more dangerous and back pains. What's worse, it can even make our lives shorter. Many doctors also say that the best way to stay healthy is to sit as little as possible. A person can lose about nine pounds a year just by standing three hours a day. So, stop sitting there and doing nothing. It's time for you to get up from the chair and move your body! DHC 選出正確的答案。10%( JURIT everyday 1 () What does "sitting is the new smoking" mean? (A) Smoking can be more dangerous than sitting. (B) Both smoking and sitting are everyday things. (C) Just like smoking, sitting is bad for our health. (D) Many people like to sit down when they smoke. 2 () Which is NOT true? smoke heart as well as pain (A) People spend little time sitting. (B) You can lose weight just by standing. (C) The longer we sit, the more problems we get. (D) Long sitting hours can cause health problems. A