ช่วยเเต่งประโยค Present Simple Tense. เกี่ยวกับโควิดให้หน่อยยได้ไหมค่ะ 10 ประโยคค่ะ 😭🙏🙏


1. We need to wear maskes before going out.
2. Doctors consults with nurses about Covid-19 situation.
3. The merchants could not buy their things in Covid-19 situation.
4. We have to seperate room for student with or without covid.
5. There are kits test for covid patients.
6. Almost covid's patients aren't die because of great doctor.
7. We need to work from home during covid's situation.
8. Parents often cook in their house while covid situation.
9. Elder or babies are the people who are risk with covid.
10. Spouse need to seperate their own room.