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READING A dream concert Understand new words SPEAK AND READ 1 What kind of concert is in the picture? 1.35 Read the concert program and answer the questions. y 2 1 Why did José Ángel Salazar become famous? Who is the most important person in an orchestra? 3 What does José Ángel want to do in the future? 3 a Read the tips in the HOW TO box. b Read the text again and try to understand the underlined words. 4 Match the dictionary definitions to the underlined words in the text. 1 (adj) knowing about a situation or a fact 2 (v) communicate ideas or feelings 3 (v) criticize someone for doing 4 something wrong (n) the ability to understand something OM 5 (v) performed a short song, dance, or act, hoping to be selected for a play or concert 6 (n) movements that communicate a feeling or instruction 5 Which tips in the HOW TO box did you use for help with Exerclone #b and 4? Check (✓) them. A season of dream concerts The Youth Orchestra of Nueva Esparta, Venezuela performs Schubert's 5th Symphony with José Ángel Salazar as conductor HOW TO understand new words rep edt so evitininkdrig ogu enoltreup en now my mi 01691 oy \alnemunten Identify the part of speech (verb, noun, adjective, adverb). 3 Is there a similar word in your language? Does its meaning help you? Look at the words and sentences before and after the new word. Guess what the new word might mean and check your idea in the sentence. When José Ángel Salazar was 14 years old, he became the youngest conductor in the world. Born in Nueva Esparta, Venezuela, José Ángel didn't listen to much classical music during his childhood. When he was eight years old, his father and grandfather took him to a brass band concert, and his life changed forever. He stopped going to karate lessons and learned to play the flute. Soon afterward, he decided to learn the violin. n 2011 José Ángel auditioned to join the Symphony Orchestra of Nueva Esparta, where he continued studying violin and music theory. The following year, he was asked to become the orchestra's conductor. Although conductors usually have their backs to the audience, they are the most important person in an orchestra. Apart from indicating the beat of the music, the conductor interprets how the music is played. He uses different movements, gestures, and expressions to communicate with every individual musician. There are between 70 and 80 musicians in the Youth Orchestra of Nueva Esparta, and more than half of them are older than José Ángel. "It's hard because I have to find the way to communicate, or sometimes tell off kids who are much older than me," he said in an interview with the Guardian newspaper. "Conducting is a wordless language. I have to convey confidence to the musicians in order to get a confident performance back I have to coordinate my body's movements with the music." from them... José Ángel is also aware of the importance of words for a conductor. "I'd like to study languages. I don't want to go on tour and have to use a translator. Or if I'm interpreting Mahler, there are certain criteria, or feelings, that I'd have a better grasp of if I spoke German."