17 B. Read the text and underline information that matches your guess. The Video Generation Do you remember Gangnam Style? Do you like to see cats and dogs doing funny things? Online video sites now get one billion visitors every month. These days, lots of young people watch more online videos than movies. Why do they like these sites so much? First, the videos are short. You need around two hours to watch a movie and you need money to go to the cinema, but you only need a few minutes to watch a video on your tablet. Second, there are so many different videos! People upload 300 hours of videos every minute. It's easy to stop a boring video and find a better one. There are comedies, horror, and much more. Third, everyone can upload videos to the Internet. It's interesting to watch things from everyday life all around the world. You can also find videos from your friends or famous actors, too. Fourth, you can write a comment to say what you like about a video. A lot of people like chatting about what they watch and finding out about other videos. Finally, you can download videos to learn new things. People upload videos about everything, from college courses to fashion. You can also listen to teachers from universities. And it's all free! 42 UNIT 8 A3
guess wha you can see After Reading C. There are five reasons why video sites are so popular. What are they? The videos are short. 41 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. D. Answer the questions about yourself. 1. How often do you watch videos online? 2. Do you upload videos on social media? 3. Do you chat about what you are watching? 4. What do you learn by watching videos? Writing Writing Strategy: Write an invitation